Healing space

Transform your space into a tranquil healing oasis with these top ideas and tips. Discover how to create a soothing environment that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.
A built environment that is more people-centered, to identify and incorporate all those spatial elements that interact with people on a physiological, as well as the psychological level, is what makes up therapeutic architecture. The term ‘therapeutic architecture’ was coined by Kate Johnstone, one of the rare architects with a Ph.D. in healthcare architecture. Healthcare Architecture, Therapeutic Architecture, Medical Architecture, Community Space Design, Architecture Portfolio Layout, Physical Space, Healing Space, Community Space, Portfolio Layout

The Intriguing Psychology Of Therapeutic Architecture

Healthcare architecture was the next stepping stone of medical architecture. While focusing keenly on the patient’s treatments, the medical community realized that the physical space, architecture, and its feel are equally important in healing.

The Design Gesture