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Portuguese Illustrator Immerses Us In The Thoughts Of Cats With Art And A Lot Of Humor Crazy Cat Lady, Akita, I Dont Believe In Humans, Image Chat, Cat Items, Cat Quotes, Cat Lady, Art Paint, Crazy Cats

This Artist Makes Wholesome Illustrations About Cats, And Here Are His 60 Best Ones

There is something that there can never be enough of on the internet and in our lives. And that something is obviously cats. They’re creatures that can’t be put in boxes (unless literally) or summed up easily, but someone who has succeeded at that is Portuguese illustrator Luís Coelho.

JoAnna Redman-Smith
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People Who Are Not Happy With Themselves - Thought Cloud Quotes

Only people who are not happy with themselves are mean to others. Remember that. Thought cloud, unhappy people quotes, quotes about unhappy people.

Bert S