Hangover costume

Get ready to stand out at your next party with these creative hangover costume ideas. Embrace the fun and hilarity of the morning after with these unique costume ideas that are sure to get everyone talking.
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In movies and TV shows, there is often a character we find repulsive. Whether it is their ugly faces, the way they move and behave, or a combination of the three, we simply feel uneasy watching them on screen. Those characters always stick with us, and we keep a vivid image of them in our minds. All of this is created thanks to the talent of makeup artists and costume designers. When these actors take the costume and makeup off, you discover the beautiful men and women underneath it all…

Harper BM. Williams
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Alan's costume features a printed grey shirt paired with light-colored pants. He either had a brown body bag or a baby carrier. To complete his outfit, wear a wig and matching facial hair. Wear shades to complete the outfit.

Alex McIntosh