Hand carved stamps

Explore a collection of unique hand carved stamps for your DIY crafts and art projects. Add a personal touch to your creations and unleash your creativity with these one-of-a-kind stamps.
Remember: your stamp will always be the inverse of what you carve! #JANhandcarvedstamp Linoleum Carving Ideas Block Prints, Lino Stamp Ideas, Birds Linocut, Lino Cut Ideas, Linoleum Printmaking, Eraser Stamp, Carved Stamps, Lino Cuts, Hand Carved Rubber

I adore carving stamps. Seriously, it's so relaxing and it really zones me out in the best way possible. So when I was coveting a very popular bird stamp I decided to make one instead. Of course it's completely different in look and feel from the purchased kind with their smooth, thin lines; but I love the rough, hand-of-the-artist look of them. As I am prone to do, I made a second stamp to 'color' my birds. This is a tremendous time saver and I always feel so clever when I make a stamp to…

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Stamps are versatile & flexible design elements... they can add texture and visual interest to your journal pages, and they can also be utilitarian components to stamp things like the date or the number in a series. You can make a stamp design of almost anything! A monogram, the name of your

Ingrid Dijkers
Neuron cell strukture/ human anatomy /nerve cell/ educational stamp/ montessori inspired/ hand carved rubber stamp Upcycling, Biology Lessons, Nerve Cell Diagram, Cell Diagram, Lino Cuts, Hand Carved Rubber, Linocut Printmaking, Lino Art, Cell Structure

This structure of a nerve cell is carved with love by me. Measurements is about 6,5 cm long Great tool for your kids biology lessons. All stamps are ‘made-to-order’ and will be carved after the time of purchase. Please note that there will be slight variations from the stamp pictured such is the nature of it being hand carved. My stamps are mostly unmounted - rubber is thick enough to comfortable using. Some of stamps have mounting option. I can make a wooden handle on request. The stamp may…

Eliška Zieglerová
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spring flower rubber stamp. botanical plant stamp series from talktothesun's hand carved stamp collection. great for garden nature theme everyday crafts and creative journaling! • perfect for DIY crafts, scrapbooking, card making, journaling, fabric stamping, block printing, gift wrapping, snail mails, mail art, clay stamping, coloring, collage, mixed media art, etc. • decorate your letter, postcard, diary, sketchbook, bullet journal, art journal, junk journal, notebook, planner, and…