Goat toys playground diy

Create a playful and stimulating environment for your goats with these DIY toy ideas. Discover how to make homemade toys that will keep your goats entertained and happy.
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Beginners Guide to Goats Why is Goat Enrichment Important? 29 Ideas For Goat Enrichment, Barrels, Branches, Puzzle, Exercise Ball, Frozen Treats, Horse Ball, Kiddie Pool, Kids Playhouse, Ladders, Logs to climb on, Mirrors, Pallet Playground, Ramp connecting two stumps, Rocks, Scratching Post, See Saw, Shrubs, Slide (kids playground), Soccer Ball, Spending time with your goats, Stumps, Swing. Tetherball, Tires, Trampoline, Wiffle Ball

Browns' Family Farmstead
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Maaaaa! Daaaaa! What are these for? Since we started building our barn, the quantity and variety of cool construction scraps has been steadily mounting. Everyone has an interest in those scraps, including the newest Bird House kids. Well, at first we just stacked the 2x4s and let the goats walk the planks, so to speak. Then I rolled in a eucalyptus log I salvaged last year, and that was fun. They really do play king of the mountain. And we added wider planks from the barn siding. Then I got…

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