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Enhance your garden with vibrant red geraniums. Discover how these beautiful flowers can add a burst of color and charm to your outdoor space. Get inspired with our top ideas and create a stunning garden getaway.
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Big Red Calliope | Zealandia Horticulture

BIG RED CALLIOPE This is no ordinary GERANIUM The impact of the large intense red blooms is the first thing that tells you that Geranium Calliope Big Red is no ordinary geranium.Geranium Calliope Big Red was developed by crossing zonal (upright) geraniums with ivy (trailing) geraniums. This has created a plan with show-stopping intense red

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17" Silk Geranium Flower Bush -Red (case of 12)

About this item This listing is for 1 pack. You will receive 12 items per pack, 1 item shown in picture. approx.: 17" H, Stems - 9 each Containers NOT Included, Minor assembly required. All returns, the buyer is responsible for all shipping charges (forward and return freight).

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Top 20 Most Common Plants in Gedo

In Gedo, you can find Crimson fountain grass, Smooth witherod, Common holly, Zonal geranium, Peace lily, and more! There are 20 types of plants in total. Be sure to look out for these common plants when you’re walking on the streets, in parks, or public gardens.