Garden prepping

Get your garden ready for a successful growing season with these essential tips for prepping. From soil preparation to plant selection, discover how to create a thriving garden in no time.
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A no-till garden is a method of gardening that does away with the traditional use of tilling to prepare the soil. In no-till gardens, the soil is not dug up and turned to prepare for planting. Instead, organic components like compost and animal fertilizers are layered over the soil to create a rich, nutrient-heavy base in which to plant seeds and starters.

Anna Shuford
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Whether you are planting a survival garden out of necessity, preparedness, or simply to become more self reliant, you will appreciate the feeling of security it provides! Learn which plants to select for long term food supplies, nutrition and herbal remedies as well as how to design your garden for sustainability.

Ariana Buckley