Finches bird

Explore the fascinating world of finches and start bird watching today. Learn about different species, their behavior, and how to attract them to your garden.
Wondering how to keep zebra finches? These stunning little birds are easy to keep as pets when you follow these simple steps to success... Finch Cage, Zebra Finches, Zebra Finch, Finches Bird, Bird Aviary, Bird Care, African Grey Parrot, Steps To Success, Diy Birds

Zebra finches can make wonderful pets, being sweet-tempered, ornately-patterned and highly active. Their call is little more than a happy “chirp” and they will readily socialize with a wide range of other birds, such as budgies and cockatiels. In short, these are sociable and inquisitive little birds which seem to bring a smile to every [...]Read More... from The Beginner’s Guide to Looking After Zebra Finches

Teresa Laprarie