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Explore the art of figurative drawing with these captivating ideas. Discover techniques to bring your drawings to life and express emotions through your artwork.
How to Draw Basic Human Figures (with pictures) - wikiHow Human Figures, Gesture Drawing, Figurative Kunst, Human Figure Sketches, Human Figure Drawing, Human Drawing, Soyut Sanat Tabloları, Figure Sketching, Painting People

How to Draw Basic Human Figures: 4 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The human figure has inspired artists to pick up their pencils for thousands of years. Drawing the human form allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the curves and lines that make up male and female bodies. The human form, like any...

Paula Saunders
Sketchbook Drawing of a Couple Dancing - original charcoal figurative sketch Two People Drawing, Drawing Of Two People, Art Studio Drawing, Streets Drawing, Drawings About Love, Dancing Couple Drawing, Sketchbook Draws, Happiness Drawing, Drawing Of People

Sketchbook Drawing of a Couple Dancing - original charcoal figurative sketch

Here's a charcoal sketch from my sketchbook - I love it when I actually get to draw people dancing. It always ends up being a memory drawing, though, because they always move on very quickly - which is the exciting thing about dancing! I have so many sketchbooks, but my favorite is a spiral-bound one - not pretty with a charming cover as so many are - but I love it and just bought more. If they're not fun to draw in, what's the point? Thanks for stopping by!

Connie Chadwell's Art
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12 Charcoal Drawings and a Video

Portraits that remind me of a sculpture technique, rather than a charcoal drawing one. More below. US based Kisoo Chai is the artist that created these lovely drawings and the video on this page. To better explain my sculpture reference, I have added a video of the first portrait. When you look at it you will see that Chai, first blocks the shape of the head and hair. Then proceeds to the face and the features within it; nose, eyes and mouth. At first it almost looks like someone is messing…

Zaneta Jezierska