Featherweight sewing machine

Looking for a lightweight sewing machine? Explore our top picks for featherweight sewing machines that are perfect for easy and portable sewing projects. Start sewing on the go today!
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Last year in Paducah, KY at the AQS Quilt Show, I bought a pattern for this Featherweight Cover-Up and Thread Catcher from Chris Moline. What a great idea to protect our precious antique vintage sewing machines while in storage or travel, and at the same time, keep our sewing area neat with a pocket to catch snippets and threads. Note: This is not an advertisement, and I have no affiliation with Chris, but it is fun to share such great ideas! Isn’t this a great idea!?! The instructions…

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Singer Featherweight Store, specialists in renovation and custom painting for Singer Featherweights. Completely renovated Singer Featherweights for sale.

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They’re Beautiful, Sturdy and Often Perform Better Than Modern Machines! Modern sewing machines are wonderful with their advanced capabilities. However, vintage machines definitely have earned a place in today’s sewing rooms. They’re often beautiful to look at, with ornate decals and other decorative touches. They also tend to perform better than modern machines for some …

Joy Domian
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If you stumbled upon an old cast-iron sewing machine at a yard sale, you may have dismissed it as a relic of a bygone era. Vintage sewing machines almost always outlast modern machines. Which leads

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