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Learn the basics of equestrian riding and improve your skills as a beginner rider. Discover essential techniques to enhance your riding experience and develop a strong bond with your horse.
Lessons From Levi – When The Horse You Got Isn’t The One You Thought You Were Getting - The Plaid Horse Magazine Oldenburg, Eyes Looking Down, Horse Magazine, Dressage Horses, Friends Instagram, 14th Birthday, Equestrian Life, Tears Of Joy, Big Smile

By Kristyna Lucakova “He’ll keep you out of trouble my father mumbled”, as he signed the check. Little did we know, he would do so much more than keep me out of trouble. For a while, he did exactly the opposite. Levi was my 14th birthday present. A beautiful jet black Oldenburg gelding. A “derby prospect” […]

Bill Kistner
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On the art of the half-halt. For many not-skinny (yet!) riders, self-confidence is one of our primary obstacles. We look at ourselves in the mirror, compare ourselves to the models in the equestrian catalogs or the majority of riders at a show, and feel like we are utter failures in so many ways and especially...

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