Embroidery needles

Enhance your embroidery projects with the right needles. Explore a range of embroidery needle options to find the perfect ones for your stitching needs.
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There are so many different types of embroidery needles out there. When it comes time to select them, it can be confusing. This quick and concise guide goes over the basics so you can...

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Below you can find my embroidery beginner guide which is included in all of my hand embroidery patterns and kits. New! Follow along with this video tutorial to avoid having to read: ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Welcome to hand embroidery! Embroidery can be a relaxi

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Hand embroidery is a relatively inexpensive and easy craft to take up, because, unlike most other hobbies, the basic tools required for embroidery are simple, few, and affordable. While the woodworker needs saws and carving tools, the weaver needs a loom, the cake decorator needs bags and tips, t

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Lately, I’ve been needled a lot about hand embroidery needles – lots of questions from beginners and beyond about this mysterious tool that we certainly can’t live without. Today, I want to share a few points about hand embroidery needles, so that you can make a good choice when you select the needle you’ll use ...

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If you want your hand embroidery experience to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, then using the right needle is key! Choosing a needle that’s appropriate for your thread, fabric and project will save you tangles, pricked fingers, and the frustration of fighting with your thread. Learn what t

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Embroidery is one of those hobbies where you don’t need to spend a great deal of money in order to give it a good go. Essentially, all you need is a hoop, fabric and embroidery thread.Although, if you really want to make the most of embroidering, I would say there are 5 ‘must have’ supplies that you need to really enjoy the process!So, what are they?

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Little by little I've mentioned in my posts some mistakes that you might be making as a hand embroidery beginner and warned you from some other things that you can do as a rookie. But all of it is scattered around the blog, so I thought it is a high time I make a compilation and gather all of that in one place. So here we go! The list of the most common mistakes as a hand embroidery beginner: 1. Not taking your fabric out of the hoop after stitching session So, let's say, you have an…

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