Eco printing

Discover the art of eco printing and create stunning designs on fabrics and paper using natural materials. Find inspiration and learn techniques to bring nature's beauty into your creative projects.
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8 Key Tips for your First Eco Print.

(Or your second) Eco printing has been the rage for the past few years. The term minted by eco print guru India Flint has evolved at the speed of light. With it, it renewed the interest in all things concerning natural dyeing. Surely the quest for eco-friendly, sustainable, and home-made goods has been a contribution to the rapid increase of eco-printers around the globe. I think that the race of life has left many of us tired and in need to reconnect to nature. Foraging leav

Brooke Gates
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5 Different Mordants in Eco Printing

In several previous blogs you have been able to see and read more about the different results in natural dyes when using different mordants.In this blog I want to show you the results in reference to eco printing. The natural juices and tannins present in the leaves leave different prints on fabric and paper when using different mordants. Looking deeper into this will also help understand the effect the mordants have visually on our natural dyes.First; we will look at the way leaves are…

Pam Harris