Dolores park

Discover the vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking views of Dolores Park. Plan a visit to this urban oasis and enjoy a day of relaxation, picnicking, and people-watching in the heart of the city.
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Mission Dolores Park

Dolores Park (originally known as Mission Park) is a city park in San Francisco, California. It is located two blocks south of Mission Dolores at the western edge of the Mission District. South of the park is a hillside area known as "Dolores Heights," while The Castro neighborhood is located a short distance to the west. Dolores Park is bounded by 18th Street on the north, 20th Street on the south, Dolores Street on the east and Church Street on the west. The northern end of Dolores Park is…

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One of my favorite things to do: a picnic + people watching in Dolores Park. #wanderingsole Wood Crate Table, Wine Crates, Antique Wooden Boxes, Crate Table, Wine Boxes, Fancy Restaurants, Mission District, Vintage Picnic, Picnic Wedding

San Francisco Wedding: Dolores Park, the Mission District and Civic Center

Styling a faux wedding is always a fun adventure! From developing the concept to bringing all the elements together into one cohesive story, it is such a creative process. For our Mission photo shoot, the vision and design stemmed from a real-life couple, Tina and Travis, who just got married in San Francisco this past July. While their actual wedding was a bit different from the shoot, we were excited to collaborate and find ways to incorporate elements of their real wedding plans into our…

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Everything you need to know about the Dolores Park closures Pacific Coast, Yay Area, Moving To San Francisco, Hood River, San Fran, Instagram Worthy, Weekend Trips, Best Cities, Park City

Everything you need to know about the Dolores Park closures

You may have already heard (or not... if you live in Crocker-Amazon), but on Saturday, they started to close down half of Dolores Park for renovations that (hopefully) will only last about six months, to be followed by the second half of the park closing sometime around August. So, what does this mean for you and your paper-bagged tallboy? These 13 things, that's what.

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