Dog brain

Explore the fascinating world of the dog brain and discover the hidden depths of canine intelligence. Learn how dogs think, problem-solve, and communicate, and unlock the potential of your furry friend.
Dude. Brains. Don't judge me for my weirdness, because you know you've wondered AT LEAST once about what something else's brains look like. Brain Size, Brain Anatomy, Brain Science, Brain Power, Human Brain, Anatomy And Physiology, Neurology, Human Anatomy, Neuroscience

The Evolution of the Brain, the Human Nature of Cortical Circuits, and Intellectual Creativity

The tremendous expansion and the differentiation of the neocortex constitute two major events in the evolution of the mammalian brain. The increase in size and complexity of our brains opened the way to a spectacular development of cognitive and mental skills. This expansion during evolution facilitated the addition of microcircuits with a similar basic structure, which increased the complexity of the human brain and contributed to its uniqueness. However, fundamental differences even exist…

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