Deer antlers costume

Transform into a majestic forest creature with these unique and creative deer antlers costume ideas. Stand out from the crowd and bring the enchantment of the wilderness to your next costume party.
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Deer Costume, Antlers, Tail and Ears – all for $9

Bid farewell to expensive Halloween props and costumes now onwards and get in touch with your creative side! The entire costume along with its props – antlers, ears and tail were super duper …

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DIY Deer Antlers | For Costumes and Cosplay - Laura Jade Prado

October is officially the most creative month on my calendar. In addition to the excitement of Halloween season and party planning, I have this crazy problem where I just can't stop making things. Although my DIY-everything-all-the-time antics are quite strong throughout the entire year, there's something about the month of October that just kicks it up a notch. Bring out the craft supply box(es) and all-nighters.

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Patterns and blueprints Archives - Pretzl Cosplay

These are the patterns and blueprints that I made and used for my own cosplay costumes. Now you can use them as well! Please note that all patterns are drawn without seam allowance, and they are in my size. They can serve as a base to make your own perfect fitting pattern for your cosplays.

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