Daughters of the king

Inspire and uplift your daughter with empowering quotes that remind her of her worth and strength as a daughter of the King. Discover top quotes to encourage and motivate her to embrace her true identity.
Daughters of the King:  Finding Your Place in the Biblical Story by Melissa Deming.  Loved this book!  Great study on your own or with a group! York, Christ, Queen, Godly Woman, Christian Quotes, Bible Verses, Daughters Of The King, Daughter Of God, Gods Girl

Are you a history buff? I, admittedly, am not when it comes to most kinds of history. I remember in college, the four of us girls went to a museum. Tara and I breezed through, glancing at displays but not really reading any of the long signs that peppered the path through time. Adrienne and […]

So All May Know

“Lord,” I asked, “why do women feel as if they’re not enough?” It seemed I heard a whisper in response: “Because they’re not.” For a moment I thought I had some holy static happening. “Excuse me, God, it sounded like You said we’re not enough. Could You repeat that, pretty please?” Again, gently and firmly, …

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