Dance basics

Learn the fundamental dance moves and techniques to become a confident dancer. Improve your rhythm, coordination, and style with these essential dance basics and take your dancing skills to the next level.
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If you're new, no worries at all! This is an introductory mini lesson, designed with beginners in mind, going through a few basics steps on how to belly dan...

Pam Dulaney
Elements of Dance Worksheet and Handout.  How will you incorporate more dance into your classroom today? Ballet, Dance, High School, Dance Terminology, Types Of Dancing, Dance Instruction, Teach Dance, Dance Movement, Dance Lessons

The elements of dance are for all performers and all classrooms! Download PDF handout and start using in your classroom today. Add this language and these prompts to your performance activities to deepen not only your students’ understanding of movement, but their own portrayal of unique storylines. Handout contains prompts for four of the elements of dance.

Leticia Cariño