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Learn how to provide exceptional customer care and create satisfied customers. Discover top strategies to improve customer service and build long-lasting relationships.
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10 Guiding Principles of Customer Strategy  --  Infographic

by Thomas Ripsam and Louis Bouquet There are 10 principles at the heart of any effective customer strategy. These principles are universally applicable, regardless of what industry a company operates in, whether it focuses on a business or consumer clientele, where it does business, or what products and services it offers. [...]

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CX Today - Customer Experience Technology News

Live agent assistance tends to be required at pivotal moments in the customer journey. Therefore, it is critical that customer service professionals are able to assist customers quickly and effectively. However, there are a host of reasons why service staff can come unglued, with the customer experience suffering as a result. This infographic from Provide Support examines 15 of the most common reasons that customer service professionals fail to deliver the service standards expected. [Click…

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