Cool lettering

Elevate your designs with creative and cool lettering ideas. Discover unique techniques and styles to add personality and flair to your projects.
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The calligraphy alphabet can take almost any form. Browse these 60 examples, from traditional to modern hand lettering, to get inspiration for your own letters!

Cheri Belanger
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We got project need flashy fonts, like bubble letters, for making signs. Regular fonts look too plain. Need something pops for eye-catching signs. No easy way found in usual software for these types of fonts, especially colored ones ready to print.We put together some bubbly letter fonts in vibrant colors for everyones projects.

rené larson
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Craft projects in classrooms often call for creative decorations like big, bold letters. Teachers are on the hunt for easily customizable options. Yet, finding ready-to-use, free 6-inch bubble letters that fit project requirements is tricky.

Marie Pineda
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Illusions and tattoos were destined to go hand-in-hand. Optical illusion tattoos are pieces of art that do as the name says — mess with the eyes. Though at first, it might seem like a simple work of ink on the skin, in reality, tattoos like these are some of the most creative things ever. A brilliant optical illusion tattoo is clever in its deception.

Steph Conlon