Condensed Milk

Discover mouthwatering recipes that make use of condensed milk. From creamy desserts to rich beverages, explore a variety of indulgent treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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The Game Changing Sweetened Condensed Milk Is Not From a Can

Sweetened condensed milk can be made with ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen. Cooking sweetened condensed milk will take time, but when you taste it, you may never want to buy it in a can again.

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59 Condensed Milk Recipes to Bake for the Holidays and Beyond

We'll let these 59 condensed milk recipes explain why the sweet, canned ingredient just might be our favorite pantry staple of all time. After all, iconic treats like key lime pie, tres leches cake and Vietnamese iced coffee wouldn’t be the same without its thick, sweet splendor.

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Easy condensed milk flan -

To me, baked custard is the ultimate dessert. Whether it's creme caramel, creme bruleé or any variation on it, it's where my mind sinks into a dreamy state of bliss. It must be the combination of soft milky dairy enriched with silky egg and deep sugary caramel flavours - there's just no match for it.

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