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After lurking on r/cyberdecks,, and the discord server for months I finally decided on a plan for a deck I wanted to build. I am really inspired by all the decks I've seen, both the impractical and practical. I decided I wanted to make something that will be comfortable for me to use,

Military wrist computer takes over your forearm | TechCrunch Wrist Computer, Computer Ideas, Gestational Hypertension, What Is Blood Pressure, Wearable Computer, Low Sodium Recipes Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure Symptoms, Blood Pressure Food, Man Watch

This isn't quite exactly what I pictured for a wrist computer, but it's a start I suppose. It looks more like a blood pressure machine that we see at Wal-Mart. The Zypad WR1100 is a 23 ounce, rugged, wireless computer operating with a Linux OS.

Caleb Mclean