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Discover innovative comic panel ideas to bring your stories to life. Explore different layouts and designs to create captivating narratives that engage your readers.
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Introducing our "Free Printable Comic Strips/Pages Template PDF" – a versatile and creative tool for aspiring artists and storytellers. The template showcases a classic comic strip layout, complete with neatly arranged panels and generous blank spaces, perfectly suited for unleashing your artistic imagination and witty dialogues. Additionally, this template offers a full-page canvas to craft captivating visual narratives. Download it for free and embark on your comic-making journey today!

Bella Lee
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We’re delighted to present the latest selection of cute yet witty comics by the Colombian artist, Andrés J. Colmenares. Some of you may recall the previous features of this artist on Bored Panda. However, today, we felt it was finally time to share more 'Wawawiwa Comics' with you. Why, you ask? Well, the weekend is almost here, so it’s a good time to tune into a positive mood, and with the strips from this artist, that's guaranteed. You’ll undoubtedly feel so much better right away.

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Click here to listen to the show On this installment of Shine On, we celebrate the life and work of Italian artist Sergio Toppi. As most know, Toppi passed away last August at the age of 80. He was considered an "artist's artist" and is cited as a significant influence by many artists around the world (including American comic creators Walter Simonson and Denys Cowan). In our conversation, we show reverence to the tenets of Toppi's unique style and his library of graphic novels, as well as…

Milan Cerovina