Coffee Filter Crafts

Discover a variety of fun and unique crafts using coffee filters. From colorful flowers to adorable animals, explore top ideas for crafting with coffee filters and unleash your creativity today.
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These coffee filter butterflies are such a classic craft! I love how easy they are to make and how the bright colours of the Mr. Sketch markers blend together to make gorgeous looking butterfly wings! (Don't worry, you can use regular washable markers too). Do you remember Mr. Sketch markers from when you were a kid? I was walking down the craft aisle at Walmart last year and saw them on display -- I was so excited to see that they still make them! I opened up the package, took the lid off…

Kris Otava
These coffee filter dancers are SO PRETTY! And all you need are markers, coffee filters and pipe cleaners. This is such a great coffee filter craft and a super fun craft for kids - I love crafts that the kids can play with when they're done. Kids love colouring the coffee filters and then watching the science magic that happens when the colours bleed together. I can't believe you can make something so beautiful from coffee filters! Coffee Filter Dolls, Coffee Filter Under The Sea Crafts, Super Cool Crafts, Coffee Filter Dress, Coffee Filter Halloween Crafts, Coffee Filter Christmas Crafts, Coffee Filters Crafts, Princess Crafts For Kids, Science Arts And Crafts

These coffee filter dancers are SO PRETTY! I really love how bright and colourful they are. And the best part is that you only need a few simple dollar store craft supplies - They're actually really simple to make! We used Crayola washable markers for this craft, but you can also use Mr. Sketch markers. (Do you remember those smelly markers?? I was so excited to see that they still sell them!!) Just make sure the markers are washable, otherwise the colours won't bleed. Even my 4 year old…

Amy Nelson