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Transform your classroom setting into a productive learning environment with these creative ideas. Enhance student engagement and foster a positive atmosphere for effective learning.
Learning in Wonderland Classroom Tour - Learning in Wonderland

Welcome to our class! I’ve changed some parts of my classroom this year and I have to say that I’m loving how everything turned out. Please note that this is my 12th year of teaching and I did not create this environment overnight. It’s taken years to accumulate and/or create everything that is in this ... Read More about Learning in Wonderland Classroom Tour

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When you set up your pecial education classroom setup there are a few extra things to consider. Check out these tips for furniture, layout, and wall space to create a learning environment that supports special needs students.

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How can a classroom be set up to maximize learning? Get inspired by this video playlist with tips and ideas for teachers to make over their classrooms. Decoration, Design, Organisation, Classroom Décor, Classroom Setup, Montessori, Classroom Environment, Classroom Setting, Classroom Design

Most educators have little choice about the (usually) over-crowded, (often) unappealing rooms they teach in -- but they intuitively know that the spaces children spend their time in can have an effect on how they learn. I've gathered a collection of videos to explore the questions: How important is environment to learning? And what small changes can you make in seating, organization, lighting, and decor to build your own space into a better place to teach and learn?

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See how other teachers set up their classrooms! Here are some photos I’ve taken of my amazing colleagues’ classrooms, and several fantastic classroom tour submissions from website visitors. My Colleagues’ Rooms: Gr. K-6, Laurel, MD Mrs. Amorson’s Kindergarten (video tour!) Mrs. Partin’s Kindergarten Photos Mrs. Alsager’s First Grade Photos Julie Bennett’s First Grade Photos in … Continued

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【Classroom Decorations】: Welcome classroom chart featuring classroom rules,welcome motivational words, great gift or decoration for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, High School Classroom decorations. 【Wide application】: you can use these classroom poster in various way, framed it applied as gift for teacher or students, stick the motivational cards to the wall, door side, classroom bulletin board as decoration, and you can hold the classroom welcome poster in hand directly…

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