Circle skirts

Elevate your fashion game with these trendy circle skirts. Find the perfect style and length that flatters your body shape and create a stylish and feminine outfit that will turn heads.
The wool circle skirts were introduced in the 50's. For your circle skirt to be consider very fashionable it would have be to made out of wool and not cotton. These skirts had a lot of color, and different prints on them. They were extremely popular and had a elastic waist band that sits right above the natural waist. Women wore these on a daily basis. (Christine DePriest 3-21-17) Croquis, Couture, 50s Skirt Pattern, Vintage Skirt Pattern, Circle Skirt Tutorial, Circle Skirt Pattern, Skirt Circle, 1950s Skirt, 1950s Patterns

As a young teen obsessed with vintage clothing, I dearly wanted a circle skirt. I'd seen them in old magazines and thought the felt ones with appliques like poodles or the Eiffel Tower were just too cute for words. When my grandmother realized how much I loved vintage fashion, she gave me a beauti

Karen Mitchell