Christmas tree cupcakes

Add a festive touch to your holiday celebrations with these delicious Christmas tree cupcakes. Discover creative ideas to decorate and enjoy these sweet treats with your loved ones.
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30+ Easy Christmas Cupcake Ideas

I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a baker, but I find decorating cupcakes SO MUCH FUN! Maybe it's because it reminds me of doing crafts, and I love doing crafts! I'm a mom and I've ooo'd and awe'd over my fair share of stick figure creations. But it's not like anyone in my family is going to pick up my crafts and admire them... at least, not nearly as often as I'd like them to! (ha!) With cupcakes, people are destined to admire them. People are going to look at them. They're going…

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Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Make it a holiday to remember with these Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting! Moist chocolate cupcakes, tangy cream cheese frosting and pretzel/candy melt toppers. #desserts #christmasdesserts #chocolatecupcakes #recipes #creamcheesefrosting #holidaydesserts #justatasterecipes

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Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers

These Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers are a simple and festive way to decorate a dozen cupcakes for the holidays. Made with pretzel sticks, candy melts and sprinkles. I don’t know why but the older I’ve gotten the less patience I have for complicated baking projects. I’ll bake a simple cake but not decorate it. Or...

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