Chinese tea pot

Explore a collection of elegant Chinese tea pot designs that will enhance your tea drinking experience. Find the perfect tea pot to brew your favorite teas and elevate your tea rituals.
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DelicaTeas Wave and Fish Ceramic Teapot Chinese Gongfu Tea Pot 175ml

DelicaTeas Wave and Fish Ceramic Teapot Chinese Gongfu Tea Pot 175ml Product Specification: Material: Ceramic Size: 12x7.3cm 175ml Suitable for: tea/ black tea/fragrant tea /Oolong/puer/dahongpao/juice brewing and recommended family tea or daily professional use. Features: Easy to use and convenient. Family use, travel and gift options. Packing list: Ceramic Tea Pot x1

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Classic Cobalt Blue Glaze Antique Styled Stone Ware Chinese Tea Pot/peony Flower/kungfu Teapot With Prosperous Oriental Design - Etsy UK

This beautiful teapot is styled in classic Yuan cobalt blue glaze. The ceramic surface is smooth, rich, and glows in elegant grey. Handpainted peony flower is homogeneously brushed in, yet every stroke gives a layer of depth. In between these lines lays a hidden message of a prosperous future, a tradition of the east. Not only for its glorious beauty, but this teapot is also full of wisdom. Fired at high temperatures, the ceramic is hard and durable. Dishwasher safe makes cleaning an easy…

Historiophile Evelyne
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Vintage Chinese Yixing Teapot Dark Brown Purple Clay Small, Modernist Style Tea Pot Zisha

Yixing clay teapots , also called Zisha (which means purple clay) are a traditional style of tea pot originating in China, made of yixing clay. This traditional style of tea pot originated in China, dating back to the 15th century, and which over time became popular with the scholarly class. Beauti