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Explore the rich and diverse art scene in Chicago. Find inspiration from local artists, galleries, and exhibitions in the city known for its creativity and passion for the arts.
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Last week, Studio 1482 illustrator Dominick Santise and I attended the Workbook Creative Carnival in Chicago. We then spent the next 2 days creating reportage drawings around the city. Now I love NY, but Chicago is like a friendly, clean, slightly more relaxed version…which frankly is nice from time to time. We navigated the city […]

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First, this hand lettered illustration is not meant to tell the entire history of Chicago. I wanted to select as many important events that would satisfy the over 200 years of Chicago history. I made sure to include the 4 events that represent the stars on the flag. Finally, I have included events that are celebratory and tragic and aspects of architecture, politics, business, food and sports.

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"The Chicagoan" was a magazine modeled after "The New Yorker" and published from June 1926 until April 1935. Focusing on the cultural life of the city of Chicago, each issue of The Chicagoan contained art, music, and drama reviews, profiles of personalities and institutions, commentaries on the local scene, and editorials, along with cartoons and original art. [Wikipedia]

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