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The perfect piece of wall decor for any cat lover who wants to add some edge to their space. This canvas print features a cat in a leather jacket and jeans, strolling through the city Cat Costumes For Cats, Attitude Cat, Cat With Attitude, Cat Attitude, Cat Cool, Gatos Cool, الفن الرقمي, Cool Vibes, Animal Portraits Art

Stylish Cat in Jeans and Sunglasses Wall Decor

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German Photographer Herbert Tobias With His Cat Appaloosa, Men With Cats, Koci Humor, Lady Cat, Cat Hat, Cat People, Quarter Horse, 영감을 주는 캐릭터, Fotografi Potret

Journalist Collects Vintage Photos Of Celebrities With Cats And More (30 Pics)

Recency bias is a thing. Here I was, unassumingly thinking that cats became a popular photography subject just recently, and came along with the dawn of the internet. But boy was I wrong. Turns out, they were a photographer-favorite ever since the camera was invented. But, just as much as it is nowadays, the ever-constant never-ending deluge of cat photos doesn't give us enough time to appreciate them, and they're in danger of being forever gone from our collective memory. But some people…