Cat expressions

Discover the wide range of captivating cat expressions and unlock the secrets behind their fascinating emotions. Dive into the enchanting world of cats and learn how to interpret their unique facial expressions.
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EXPRESSIONZ by Kaotheroogoncreator on DeviantArt | Cartoon cat drawing, Cat drawing tutorial, Cat drawing

Description THIS WAS DRAWN BY HAND! 8D W00T! It's been forevar scince i've made an Expression Sheet! Ah, I just LOVE Making Facial expressions! ^_^ No, This is not Amberpaw, I used "R.C.", that stands for "Random Cat", he's just a little fluffy cat That I always draw on my homework. AND OK! This was SUPPOSED to be a SERIOUS facial expression refence sheet, but By the time I reached the Fifth Row, It was allready 3:00 in the morning, and if you know me Well, you should know that I think…

Crystal Thompson
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Meet Izzy, The Cat With The Most Expressive Face

Izzy the cat has a face so adorable and expressive, that it can even compete with her sister Zoë’s perfectly shaped heart-marking on the chest (post about this cute cat is already on Bored Panda). While Zoë initially brought in most of the fans on their joint Instagram account, Izzy has now conquered the hearts of just about all of them as well. The pet cat doesn’t have any special markings – but she does have a very adorable face with giant golden eyes.

Mark Spencer