Carry on capsule wardrobe summer europe

Travel light with a carry-on capsule wardrobe for your summer trip to Europe. Discover the essential pieces that will keep you stylish and comfortable throughout your journey.
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Packing Light. For some, it’s the most dreaded part of the trip. We’ve all been there. Hauling an *almost* overweight bag up a few flights of stairs and still having “nothing to wear” while on your trip. I’m sharing my...Read More

Erin DuBois // The Casual Luxury: Millennial Traveler with a 9-5.
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This summer's sizzling temperatures have certainly spiced up my travels! From the cultural heart of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico to the vibrant streets of Austin, Texas, my recent trips required a versatile and functional summer travel capsule that could keep up with the heat while ensuring I remained stylish and confident. And even

Carie Liza
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My family and I just returned from a 2-week trip to the UK, where we visited the beautiful islands of Scotland and Ireland. And I only took one carry on for all of my clothes. Actually, each member of my family only took 1 carry on for the vacation. It's our favorite way to travel.

Sasha Kincaid