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The art of caricature has been known for centuries. Funny portraits that focus on subjects' features, simplifying or exaggerating them, constitute a popular form of caricature. Sometimes, this type of drawing can make someone appear foolish due to the presentation of certain aspects of the person's appearance. Today, we would like to introduce you to the art of George G. Williams, whose caricature work is on another level.

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The National Cartoonists Society, of which I am a longtime member and a past president, just released a fun kid’s activity book as part of their “Cartooning for Kids” program. Originally this was going to be a printed book that the NCS would have available for schools, kids organization and for our children’s hospital visits, but the coronavirus scuttled all that. Instead, the NCS has made it available as a PDF that anyone can download and print out (although they will eventually have a…

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A caricature is basically an exaggerated drawing of a certain character that emphasizes its distinct physical features. Drawing a caricature is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of a person, creating a more entertaining version

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