Candle wrapping ideas packaging

Elevate your candle gifting game with these creative candle wrapping ideas. Discover unique packaging designs that will make your candles stand out and delight your recipients.
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Hard to believe that today marks the two week countdown to the big day! How are you all doing with your shopping, decoration, advent calendars, party planning, vacations, and everything that falls in between? Around here, the holidays seems to have creeped up on us in a major way… so much so that we’ve opted to do an office-wide Secret […]

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Dekar White Dot Cellophane Wrap for Hampers - Pack of 2 Cellophane Rolls, 4 Bows, 1 Ribbon, & 4 Gift Tags - Hamper Wrapping Cellophane Roll for Gifts, Flowers, Wedding, & Parties - (41cm x 15m) : Stationery & Office Supplies

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