Camellia oil

Discover the numerous benefits and uses of camellia oil for achieving healthy, glowing skin and lustrous hair. Incorporate this natural oil into your beauty routine for nourishment and hydration.
Julie Hewett Camelia Oil, rich in antioxidants which help to protect against the free radical damage that leads to signs of aging. Camellia oil from the tea plant is said to be an ancient beauty secret of the Geishas. It is rich in vitamin E, helps to minimize fine lines and best of all soaks in quickly to hydrate the skin. Geishas, Lip Pencil, Tea Plant, Camellia Oil, Ancient Beauty, Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Tree Oil, Tea Tree Oil

I have been crazy about Julie Hewett products since she launched her Noir series of lipsticks and lip pencils, which must have been 20 years ago by now. I've always thought she makes the most fabulous red lips ever (see my post from years ago about Julie Hewett Red Lips) Julie has always talked about and used camellia oil in her products. In fact, I learned about Camellia Oil via Julie Hewett. And I use her Camellia Lip Balm every night. Now I'm going to get her Camellia Oil. Can't wait!

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Explore the captivating beauty benefits of camellia oil, a carrier oil with heavenly uses for your skin, hair and more! Beautiful Geishas of Japan used camellia oil to keep their skin flawless and youthful! They also used it on their hair to make it lush, silky and shiny! If you want the same, it’s time …

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