Boyfriend Texts

Explore a collection of funny and heartwarming texts exchanged between couples. Get inspired by these adorable conversations and share a laugh with your partner.
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People talk a lot of smack on the internet, and when that happens on social media, then the rest of the world can be fortunate enough to be there to see the glory unfold. From devastating clapbacks to good-natured puns and every other type of delightfully witty reply, a Twitter account called Gems Of Replies is there to document it all - for our benefit.

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We’ve all said a thing or two we regret and that we wish we could take back. And sometimes there are people there to witness it and give us savage burns that are so epic.But when it’s on the internet, everyone can see it. These people posted ridiculous things online and they were served clever comebacks. You’re going to need an ice pack to get over these burns!


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