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Elevate your style with unique bottle cap jewelry. Discover trendy and creative ideas to make fashionable accessories that will make a statement.
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Vintage Bottle Cap Necklaces By: Shay

Hi! I'm Shay. I'm Joni's daughter. All of my crafty ideas come from her. One day when we where out shopping we stopped at a little antique store on the way home. We where just walking around and we didn't really see anything we where absolutely dying to have. On the way out mom saw a scale that would go perfectly in her kitchen. While she was buying that I noticed a dish on the counter that was filled with old, vintage bottle caps. I fell in love when I first saw them. If you've ever seen…

Kendahl Morris
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holiday packaging details & my paper flower and decortated bottle cap tutorials

My holiday wrapping continues! This time I wanted to share with you my little tin gift card holders. Again, I purchased these plain metal containers at Creative Bag and I used the digital scrapbooking kit I purchased here to create the art to decorate them. I printed my designs as 4x6 photos at Costco but you could do this on your inkjet or laser printer. I've used patterned scrapbook papers to decorate these gift card holders as well. All you have to do is cut your paper into 3 3/8" x 2…

Martha Mika
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Fun with Bottle Caps

When I was making my Tiny Tin Treasure Boxes for the grandkids, I also had some fun with bottle caps. I wanted to add a vintage "doodad" to the tins, and chose these as something to add. I decided it would be a great project for Marie and the boys and I to do when they were visiting; So we had a bottle cap day; the boys loved it and wanted to make one after another. There are plenty of ideas for what to do with these. Make a necklace, key chain or magnet; decorate scrapbooks or picture…