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Provide the best care for your birds with our top selection of essential bird supplies. Discover everything you need to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy.
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There are a lot of great bird toys available to buy for our feathered friends. But when your bird goes through toys quickly, your budget can take a beating. Not giving toys is not an option. Birds need the enrichment they get from having a variety of toys to play with. Because of this bird parents get...Read More

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Bonding with your parakeet is a very important part of owning one. They will become more trusting of you and less likely to become frightened or stressed. And there are many ways to bond with your bird, which we’ll go over in more detail below. Table of Contents Do Parakeets Bond with Their Owners?How …

Katie Price : Round Bird Hook Cage with Stand for Finch Canary Cockatiel Parakeet Dome Top, Cage Only Dimension: 16" Diameter x 28" H, Cage and Stand: 16" D X 57" H (16" D X 57" H, White) : Pet Supplies White Budgie, Budgie Cage, Round Bird, Bird Cages For Sale, Parakeet Cage, Bird Cage Stand, Small Bird Cage, Hanging Bird Cage, Pet Bird Cage

About this item 【Overall Size With Stand: 16" Diameter x 57"H】, 【Cage only dimension: 16" Diameter x 28"H】 【Narrow 3/8" wire spacing】For Small Size of Birds; 【 Safe Non-Toxic Powder Coated Finish 】 The Cage has 1 x Slide Up Door; 2 x Spring Lock Feeder Doors For Easy Feeding 1 x Wooden Swing; 2 x Wooden Standing Perches; 2 x Clear Hook Feeder Cups Bottom Wire Grate And Removable Plastic Tray for Easy Cleaning THIS CAGE IS GOOD FOR SMALL SIZE BIRDS FROM FINCH TO COCKATIEL, BUDGIES.

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