Bird proof vegetable garden

Discover proven strategies to keep birds away from your vegetable garden and protect your crops. Create a bird-proof environment and enjoy a bountiful harvest of your homegrown vegetables.
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Photographs of the pest-resistant cage I built in my back yard. Before the cage, birds and squirrels ate all of my blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and sweet corn. It worked great except that yields were low due to increasing shade over the years. So I’ve converted it into a chicken run.

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Back Yard Organic Vegetables: How I Protect My Blueberries From Birds. Dekoration, Garten, Best, Jardim, Tuin, Berry Garden, Back Yard, Backyard, Diy Garden

For the last two years I have been pondering what the best protection for my blueberries would be. In the past, I have draped bird netting over them, only to have the birds go underneath it to get the berries. I considered various forms of white PVC pipe with bird netting over it, but I couldn't decide on the style of framework because it seemed to me that the white pipe would glare out at you and be unsightly. Eventually they would deteriorate from UV damage as well. This year, the solution…

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