Bible object lessons

Explore creative and interactive Bible object lessons that bring important truths to life. Discover practical ideas to make learning enjoyable and impactful for all ages.
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Struggle to find a way to teach an abstract concept to your kids? Object lessons for kids can be a great way to help them understand!

Matthew Dyer
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Object lessons are fun and quick ways to engage with the timeless truths of Scripture. These Bible object lessons for kids are quick and entertaining (and sometimes delicious) ways to teach a Biblical principle and make it stick. What is a Bible Object Lesson? An object lesson is a teaching method that uses a physical… Read More »Bible Object Lessons for Kids

Brandy Green
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Disclaimer: I did not come up with this lesson. I actually remember my children’s church teacher doing this lesson for us when I was really young—like 6 or 7. And if I remember the point of the lesson (putting God first) from that long ago, it is definitely a winner. This lesson could go with […]

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