Bible class activities

Make Bible class fun and interactive with these engaging activities for kids and teens. Discover creative ways to teach and reinforce important lessons from the Bible.
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Perk Up Your Kid's Bible Class with Joseph and That Coat - Come Fill Your Cup

Joseph's coat of honor was just that, a coat of honor. But what was it in Joseph's character that made him worthy of such a coat? Check out a new design for Joseph's coat that will help us gain a bigger picture!

Ena Šaronić
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Free Bible Bingo Printable

This fun Bible bingo was specifically designed as a fun way for little ones to engage with the stories of the Bible, strengthen literacy skills, and enjoy social connections. Although anyone can enjoy a fun game of Bingo, this simple game and basic graphics were designed with Pre-K through 8-year-olds in mind.

Mara Tammaro
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Lego Bible Books - Kids Bible Class Ideas

Writing Bible books on Legos is an engaging and interactive way for kids to review the names of the Bible books and the order in which they are arranged in the Bible. It also helps them to recognize the words and spell them correctly. This activity may be used BEFORE class begins as a Learning

Brooklyn Brooks