Beer photography

Explore creative beer photography ideas to elevate your skills and capture the true essence of this beloved beverage. Discover tips and techniques to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of different beer styles.
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Fusing the CPG world and an editorial aesthetic, designer James Hill created Betterdays’ packaging with a keen eye. Each of the products in the range features an optimistic, upbeat connotation. While the photography is quick to make an impact, the bright hues balanced with excessive white space add a harmonious sense of proportion to the […]

Samantha Luna
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Hangovers aren’t for the weak, and not to call the entire GenZ demographic soft, but they want nothing to do with the grueling aftermath of a night out of pounding alcoholic-filled liquids. In fact, according to a report from the University of Michigan, a survey discovered that many people under 28 aren’t drinking at all, […]

Lertora Stragavazzi