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Hi! I am a Kindergarten teacher and I love it! I love to share my ideas with other teachers! I am always looking to be inspired to create new games and centers for students. Being a teacher is a wonderful blessing and I believe that kindergarten is a very special place! Organisation, Classroom Setup, Classroom Attendance Chart, Attendance Board, Classroom Attendance, Self Registration, Attendance Chart, Education Motivation, Classroom Fun

I love to see what other classrooms look like and what teachers decide to post on their walls. I do not set up my room the same every year and I LOVE a theme room. I have done Dr. Seuss, Ocean, and this year I did "Our Story Starts Here" with Toy Story! I am going to take some more pictures of my classroom before the end of the year! But here is a few that I have so far...... This year our sight words are divided into color list! I cut a plastic popcorn container (from the dollar spot at…

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Making our own stick puppets for our daily attendance board in PreK! Preschool Attendance Chart, Classroom Attendance Chart, Attendance Board Ideas, Attendance Board, Name Writing Activities, Stick Puppet, Classroom Attendance, Attendance Chart, Preschool Charts

A unique way to explore name recognition in preschool One of the first things I like to have the children get into the habit of doing when they enter the classroom is to find their name. In our PreK class, Miss. Cobb came up with this fun idea of creating stick puppets for our daily attendance

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School Bus Attendance Poster - Students add their photo or drawing to the bus each morning! | #FromThePond #AttendanceSolutions #ClassroomAttendance #TenFramesForNumberSenseToo #TeacherTips #TpT Student Attendance Board, Attendance Chart For Preschool, Attendance Chart For Kindergarten, Attendance Chart Preschool, Attendance Chart Ideas, Attendance Chart Preschool Ideas, Preschool Attendance Chart, Attendance Register Decoration Ideas, Attendance Register Decoration Ideas School

If you teach the early years you will know the significance of a child's growing self perception. What a wonderful opportunity we have to help build and grow self confidence and self esteem in our little learners. Using student photographs within the learning environment is a wonderful way to support that growth. We cannot give our students self esteem but we can nurture the development of it by helping them develop their concept of self. They need to build knowledge and awareness of…

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