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Learn proven strategies to grow and thrive in your art business. Discover tips for marketing, selling, and managing your art with confidence.
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77 Ways to Make Money As An Artist

By Carrie Lewis in Art Business Advice > General Art Advice When most artists think about making money with their art, three things immediately come to mind: selling originals, doing commission work, and selling prints. Some artists might also think of teaching, or design jobs. But are those the only ways to make money as an artist? Absolutely not! In fact, we’ve put together a huge list of 77 ways you could turn your artistic skills into income. Not all of these […]

Susan McDonald
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How To Sell Your Art to Hotels & Businesses: 4 Tips from Indiewalls’ Senior Art Curator - EmptyE

By Lauren Schleider in Art Business Advice > Selling Art Online In 2016, art insurance group Hiscox stated that online art sales jumped 24% from the previous year, totalling $3.27 billion in artist earnings. E-commerce has certainly evened out the playing field for artists at different career levels, but a huge problem remains: in a vast sea of online platforms, how can individual artists stand out from the pack to forge meaningful connections and boost their sales? Increasingly, the answer…

Elaine Cagle
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How To Start A Profitable Art Business

The art world is booming thanks to the creative people around the world. It is amazing when you think that you can turn your art hobby into a profitable business. Here is the Nine-Step Guide to Start A Profitable Art Business.

Kaley Williams
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Your first year as an artistpreneur - A Cup of Cloudy

ARTISTPRENEURSHIP TIPS Whether you’re diving straight in as a full time artist or taking it slow as a part-time artistpreneur, there are a few strategies that can help you survive your first year. In this article, I’ll go over what you need to focus on to stick with it, make a profit, and expand your

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How to sell your art and make a living from it. I'm excited to share with you some key insights and tips that I've learned along the way. By the end of this post, you'll have a better understanding for: Art Market, Building Your Brand as an Artist, Pricing Your Art, Selling Your Art Online, Working with Art Galleries

Kelci Wailes
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How To Make Your Own Art Prints - Guide for artist business owners

If you are an artist who is looking to start making your own art prints, this is for you. Maybe you've been ordering them from a printer but your profit margin is really low because the prints cost so much. Maybe you don't want to have to worry about communicating with the printer and making sure they don't make any mistakes. Or maybe you don't make art prints yet and you need to find out how to get started. In this post I'll tell you all about how I make art prints from my original…

Richa Dvibedy