Aran knitting patterns

Get ready for winter with these beautiful Aran knitting patterns. Discover stylish and cozy designs that will keep you warm and fashionable all season long.
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November Aran Afghan Cable Knit Blanket Pattern

There's just something so special about cables in knitting and crochet: the twists and texture of braids and intricate designs. Cables can appear intimidating to the new crafter, but they're really pretty simple. They require some careful attention, but they're nothing mystical: they're formed exactly how you might imagine, by twisting the work as you

Aran Sweater designed by Willow. She says, "I finished knitting the back, front… Aran Knitting Patterns, Cable Knitting Patterns, Knitting Stiches, Aran Sweater, Cable Knitting, Blanket Knitting Patterns, Knit Stitch Patterns, Beautiful Knitting, Sweater Knitting Patterns

Aran Sweater

I finished knitting the back, front, and sleeves of the redesign. I am really happy with the back. I am not as happy with the neckline on the front. It looks a little unwieldy. I'll put a sample neckline on it and see how it looks then. I don't want to sew the shoulders and sleeves together until I'm sure the front neckline is good to go. Measuring the width of the sleeves at the shoulder. When I am not gazing off into space, visualizing the neckline, the sewn in sleeves or thinking about…