Animation principles

Learn how to bring your animations to life by understanding and applying the key principles of animation. Explore top ideas and techniques to create visually stunning and captivating animated content.

If you're interested in animation, here's a super useful gif of the 12 principles. | GIF

12 PRINCIPLES OF ANIMATION* Squash and Stretch Timing and Motion Anticipation Staging HIH Squashing and stretching an object or character to give the illusion of weight Fewer drawings make an action faster and snappier while more drawings make an action slower and smoother Presenting a scene in a way that makes it clear to the audience Preparation for an action Follow-Through and Overlapping Action Straight Ahead and Pose-to-Pose Action Slow In and Out Arcs Loose parts of the body continue…



Let’s see in this graph the Animation curves useful for understand the right process of the animation, whether it is a character animation or using this process in motion design on title animation sequence for example. Enojoy! 12 PRINCIPLES OF ANIMATION Animation kit – gif animated Article Comments

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