American History

Delve into the rich and captivating history of America, from its founding to modern times. Discover fascinating facts, stories, and events that shaped the nation we know today.
This is one of the most recognizable photos in history of our country. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, just about every kid in this country knows this or should know this. Photos Of Historical Events, First Moon Landing, 1960s History, Moon Landing Photos, Man On Moon, History Costumes, First Man On The Moon, American History Photos, Lunar Module

The Cold War | Digital Inquiry Group

Historians have offered vastly different interpretations of the origins of the Cold War over the past 5 decades. Few historical events have been subject to such an array of revisionist and neo-revisionist accounts. In this lesson, students enter the fray through exploring a variety of documents highlighting various issues and perspectives that led to the Cold War and address the question: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War, the United States or the Soviet Union? [All files…

Marietjie Swanepoel
American Revolution Timeline: The Major Events and Battles Usa History Timeline, American Revolution Timeline Project, French Revolution Timeline, United States History Timeline, American Revolution For Kids, America Revolution, American Revolution Projects, American Revolution Timeline, World History Timeline

American Revolution Timeline: The Major Events and Battles

Are you curious about what the American Revolution timeline looks like? Dive deep into the series of events that transpired during this historical period here.


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