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Discover the empowering and enriching experiences of American Heritage Girls (AHG). Join a community of like-minded individuals and embark on a journey of personal growth, leadership, and service.
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Monkey joined the American Heritage Girls and we went to our first meeting. She loved it and decided she is joining. As part of the joining up badge, she has to memorize the American Heritage Girl Oath and Creed. I

Jenn Gerlach
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This printable American Heritage Girls Bookmark is perfect for your AHG troop members. You get an editable version to customize the Troop number at the top and change the Bible Scripture at the bottom, or if you're in a rush then a ready-to-print version is also included. Each beautiful bookmark measures 2.5"x7.3" and you get 4 bookmarks per sheet of paper that is easy to print at home or any copy shop. ***Please note that this printable is for your troop's use only. 。・゚゚・DIGITAL…

Marie Schlansker