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From the perspective of kuzushi (崩し) or “unbalancing” one’s opponent, it is generally thought that in order to throw a person, they have to be in motion. Beginners tend to lose the momentum from the attack and then have to recreate the motion by mechanically breaking their opponent’s balance in order to throw them. Click the link to read the rest... Los Angeles, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Artist Aesthetic, Aikido Quotes, Aikido Martial Arts, Logic Quotes, Alchemist Book, Kung Fu Martial Arts, Martial Arts Styles

Don’t Lose Your Momentum

勢いを失うな Ikioi wo ushinau na Don’t lose momentum A martial artist’s greatest asset is ikioi (勢い) or “momentum.” In Aikido, at the tachiai (立ち合い) or “the initial moment of contact” when we are attacked, we are supposed to be in motion. If we are not in motion and are caught waiting

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