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Learn how to use and understand the 12 tenses in English grammar. Enhance your language skills and communicate more effectively with this comprehensive guide on verb tenses.
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12 Tenses, Forms and Example Sentences - English Study Here

12 Tenses, Forms and Example Sentences; Tense Form Example Sentence Present Simple S + V1 + O I play basketball every week. Present Cont. S + am/is/are + V + ing + O I’m playing basketball now. Present Perfect S + have/has + V3 + O I have just played basketball. Present Perfect Cont. S + have/has been + V + ing + O I have been playing basketball for 3 hours. Past Simple S + V2 + O I played basketball yesterday. Past Cont. S + was/were + V + ing + O I was playing basketball the whole

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12 Tenses and 36 Example Sentences

Understanding verb tenses is crucial for effective communication in any language. The tense chart provides a comprehensive overview of the different tenses, helping learners grasp the nuances of time and action within a sentence. By examining the structures and examples of each tense, learners can appreciate the precise ways in which verbs express when an […]

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